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Tags - small helpers

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Tags - small helpers

CMS Made Simple provides small helpers called tags. Tags (also called plug-ins) are very helpful for quick adding any dynamic information into content pages. You use them as placeholder containing information from the database.

Tags can be found in the admin panel. Go to Extensions → Tags and see the list of the tags ready to use with standard installation (you can add more tags later from the list of tags developed by other users). In the list of the tags click on the "Help" link beside the tag to see the explanation what the tag does, how you can use it and what parameters are available to refine the behaviour of them.

You add tags on your pages in the content field by simply putting the tag name with curly brackets around it. For example, for the tag ImageGallery you simply add:


on the page where the small image gallery has to be displayed. If you need more sophisticated features (as categories, albums and multiple description fields for the images) you should use the module Album.

Image Gallery

Place the tag as shown above into the content field of the page and see the result on your web page. You see the images from the directory uploads/images with their thumbnails. By clicking on the image the large version comes up.

Use the help link for the tags to see what you can change on the output. For example, save all your images for the gallery in one folder, then add location of the folder with the parameter picFolder:

{ImageGallery picFolder="uploads/images/image-gallery/"}

This tag is ideal for small galleries with a small number of images. If some days your image gallery starts to grow you can any time install Album module to get more features.

CMS link

This tag is basically used to create a link to another content page inside your content. You can use it to link the specific page, but also (and this is the most useful feature for your content) you can use the link to the next or previous page of the actual page. See the link on the bottom of each article on this website. There are two links made with two CMS selflink tags.

{cms_selflink dir="prev"} || {cms_selflink dir="next"}

The advantage is I do not care about the order of my pages, I can reorder my pages, move them or even rename, but the links will stay working since they only show to the previous or next page of the actual page and not to the specific pages.

Recently updated articles

This tag outputs the list of of recently updated pages. In the Gala Purity template the list is already added to the footer section of all layouts, but you can hide it on, e. g. start page and display the list of recently updated pages direct in the content. Add {recently_updated} to the content field of the page to display the list. Control the output on the website.

If you would like to customize the tag you use available parameters. Please see the "Help" link the the list of tags for the instructions. An example tag for your website can look like:

{recently_updated dateformat='M j, Y' leadin='▲ ' number="5"}


This tag prints the breadcrumb trail of the current page for additional navigation help. Normally it is placed above the page title under the main menu. See the line starting with "You are here: " above the title of the page as example. To create the output in the template, add the line

{breadcrumbs delimiter="►" starttext="You are here: "}

at the place where breadcrumbs has to be displayed. I used two parameters: customized delimiter between the trails and introduction text placed in front of trailing path. You can change the values to suit your needs.

More Tags

There are a lot of tags delivered with standard installation of CMS Made Simple to make your live easier. To see the complete list go to the admin panel and select Extensions → Tags. Take time to look through the list since you can really save time using tags before starting to develop already existing feature from scratch.

Even more tags can be downloaded from the official CMS Made Simple website.

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