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Mails from CMS with CMSMailer

The configuration of module CMSMailer is important since your CMS should be able to send e-mails. If you do not configure it, you will not even be able get an e-mail with new login information if you forget your administrator password. This module is also used by any other CMS Made Simple modules that send out e-mails, like Front End Users, Shop Made Simple or Form Builder.

If you have not configured the module yet you will see the message at the top of the admin panel:

Your mail settings have not been configured. This could interfere with the ability of your website to send email messages. You should go to Extensions >> CMSMailer and configure the mail settings with the information provided by your host.

Go to the admin panel and select Extensions → CMSMailer. Type "utf-8" in the field "Character Set". Then choose sendmail in the field "Mailer method".

Fill in the field "From Address" with an existing e-mail address. When CMS sends e-mails the recipient will see this e-mail as sender address. You have to add here existing e-mail address since due to security reasons your server will not be able to send any e-mails from addresses that do not exist or are not located on your server.

Fill in the field "From Username". The name given here will be assigned to the mail address in the recipient's mail client. Press "Submit" and confirm the changes.

Test the module using last field on the same page. Type in the field "Test Email Address:" any e-mail address (but not one added in From Address field!) you have the access to post box. Test message from CMS will be sent to this address. Press "Send Test Message" and check the incoming messages of the e-mail address given. You are going to get the test message from CMS. Wait a minute, if nothing comes, check first your spam directory. Sometimes test messages are filtered. If the e-mail is still not there then something is wrong with your configuration.

Known issues:

  • check sendmail path (your provider has to confirm it is right)
  • check the e-mail address entered in "From Address" field. It must be en existing e-mail address and it has to be located on your web server
  • check spam folder of your inbox, sometimes mails are filtered. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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