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Basic modules and features

The Beginner's Tutorial
How To Create Own Website with CMS Made Simple

Standard features

If you use good website tool you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Consequently add news articles or allow to search through the content of your website, add print functionality as plain text or into PDF or upload and organize your images. All these features are already built in and you just have to understand how to configure them and use on your website.


With this tool you can add news articles on your website. You can even create a complete news website based on this module. Organize news into categories, create drafts and define publishing or expiration date, allow your visitors to add news articles as well.



Add your own small search engine to the website and allow searching not only the content but news articles as well. Build your own list of stop words and define what pages have to be excluded from the search results. See search statistic to understand what the visitors of your website mostly need and expected.


Image Manager

Upload images, the thumbnails (small versions of the image) are created automatically. Add uploaded images to the content or display them in simple image gallery. Browse you whole installation with File Manager, upload bunch of files at once, move, delete or copy files around your installation.


WYSIWYG Editor (TinyMCE)

Effectively use the content editor. It is the most important feature in CMS since you use it daily. Therefore it has to as comfortable as possible. It has to assist and not to disturb you during daily work. WYSIWYG editor handles tables, adds links to other pages of your website by simply choosing them from the list. It has some very useful extended features like searching and replacing words or adding multimedia files like audio or video.


Menu Manager

Navigation of your website is built with menu manager. Normally you do not care how navigation is made. It is pretty simple and intuitive to understand. However you can learn this module to display a site map of your website to help your visitors.


Tags - small helpers

You use these small tools for simple adding pre-defined features to the content, for example, site-map, simple image gallery, Google search field, or repeating parts of the website like contact box. Small number of such tags is already built-in and you can use them immediately. Later on you will find and use additional tools, like keyword cloud, a line with links to popular social bookmarks sites or fancy JavaScript functionality.


Module Manager

What if standard tools are not enough? You can add additional features to the website by adding new modules to the website. Just to show the scope of available modules: contact forms, image galleries, event calendars, shop, forum, or directories builder and much more. Search for desired add-on and setup with 1-click. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide