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How to upgrade CMS Made Simple?

CMS Made Simple community improves the application constantly therefore new versions are released regularly. If the new version is released you should see in the admin panel below the main menu a message "You have 1 unhandled notification". The message appears only once a day! Press "+" beside the message and discover the message:

Core Notice: A new version of CMS Made Simple is available. Please notify your administrator.

No need to notify the administrator if you are the webmaster the website :) Let's see how to make upgrade to the new version.

Before each upgrade it is important to backup your database and all the files in your CMS Made Simple directory on the server. If something goes wrong you can always switch to the previous version and start again. No backup means no possibility to go back in case of emergency.

Open and select Downloads → File releases in the main menu on the top of the page. The list of releases is shown. If you are not sure what version of CMS Made Simple is currently installed on your webspace, open admin panel and see in the footer area at the very bottom of the page what version is used on your website.

In the download section find the newest release and choose the file named cmsmadesimple-full-diff-[YOUR-CURRENT-VERSION]-[NEXT-VERSION].tar.gz. E.g. to upgrade from version 1.6 to 1.6.1 you have to choose the file cmsmadesimple-full-diff-1.6-1.6.1.tar.gz. Save the file to your local disk and extract the files.

If no diff version can be found, you have to download last full version and proceed with this instruction.

Before uploading you would probably setup a sitedown message. Now upload all files from the extracted folder to your web hosting. Open FileZilla or any other FTP Browser you use and copy everything over the files and directories you already have on your web hosting. You have to overwrite the existing files.

After uploading of new files check if directory install is created. If so enter in the address bar of your browser This will automatically update your database to the newest version. Do not forget to delete directory install after upgrade.

Check the version in the footer area of admin panel. It will display the new version. Go to Extenstions → Modules and see if some modules have to be upgraded as well.

TIP: Sometimes the notification of new version is not displayed in the admin panel. It is due to security settings of your webhosting not allowing to get external files, e.g. firewall. Another possibility to be informed about new version in this case is getting official blog rss feed or (if you are registered member in CMS Made Simple Forum) subscribe to the board Announcements digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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