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How to check hosting for CMS Made Simple?

As already stated in Preparation to setup, CMS Made Simple does not require any exotic features to run stable and smooth.

How to figure out whether your hosting meets all requirements? It's easy enough. Just download this small script to check your hosting. Save the script to your local disk, unpack it and upload to your webspace. Then call the script from your browser like You will see something like this:

Check requirements

Let's see how to interpret the result of the script. In the first section "System Information" you see installed server operating system and server software.

In the next two sections "Required setting" and "Recommended Settings" there are 3 possible messages (Success, Caution and Failure). Required settings should not contain any failures. You can not install CMS Made Simple on this hosting if you have errors in this section. The only chance you have in this case is to contact your hosting support, provide the link of this check script and ask him if required changes can be made. If not you are likely to look for another hosting. CMS Made Simple does not require any special settings. If your provider says the requirements will affect the server security then he is not well versed.

Recommended settings are, well, recommended. You should not have failures in the section either but you may have some warnings. Warnings will probably not affect your installation. It is possible that you will not ever have any issues with them. Just in case you have difficulties with installation or running CMS Made Simple afterwards and look for help, provide the results of the script to the support person. It would help to find the issues with your website. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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