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Nice design - bad accessibility

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Nice design - bad accessibility

This is a nice website at first glance. I like this beautiful and professional design, clear structure and awesome images. However, there are critical issues with accessibility of the website.

Test: Disable images

First I have disabled images on the website and the top menu has gone. Hence the top menu is built with one image. The menu items are not separated in individual images and no ALT-Attributes are used if the images are disabled. In the navigation below the gallery images do have ALT-Attributes but they are useless, as every of them has the word "image" as description. Thinking of accessibility ALT-Attibutes are there to describe what is on the image, alternative text that is used if the image is disabled to some reason or could not be loaded.

Test: Disable JavaScript

The navigation is built with JavaScript and expand if you move the mouse over it. The child items below the navigation item "Accommodations" cannot be accessed without JavaScript. This also has impact on search engine optimization. Search engines do not "see" any scripts and browse only plain html. It would help if sitemap were there, but there is also no sitemap.

Document outline misses structure

This page does not use semantic coding. Looking on this example, you can only optically figure out what the title of the news article is. Disabling CSS shows no title tags (except one for the logo, that is not really the title of this page, but of the entire website). The news title is not included in <h1>-Tags to help disabled people or search engines to identify where the title is.

Even if webmaster or the customer does not care about accessibility you should remember that search engines see webpages a way a disabled person would do it. They do not see: images, styles and scripts. They are only interested in HTML. That is the reason why your HTML should be as informative as possible. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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