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Beautiful shop with some SEO issues

A beautiful jewelry shop is a pure CMS Made Simple solution and have been created from Calguy's E-commerce suite of modules. Browse through the site to see how well every module has been integrated.

There some SEO issues with this website, that can be corrected very simple.

Getting title of the page closer to the beginning

The first one is title tag in templates. In the sample template of CMS Made Simple the title of the page is made this way:

<title>{sitename} - {title}</title>

Means that the first part of the title will be the same. I suggest to revert the order of the tag in the title:

<title>{title} - {sitename}</title>

We place the most important part of the page closer to the beginning of the title, saying to the search engine: "Look, this page (not entire website!) is about Beautiful shop with some SEO issues and relevant to Beautiful shop with some SEO issues". Normally, CMS Made Simple is nothing that helps you to promote the website in the search engine. When I would like to buy jewelry I would not search for perlunar, when I do not know it. Right? I am interesting in buying products or getting services. The shop name is something I am first interested when I get to the website.

Even if you do not care about SEO, you should care about the visitors. Placing the site name at the beginning does not allow to distinguish between the open tag when the tab are too short. See an example:

Title in the short tab

There are two different pages of the website open in different tabs (imagine that I would like to compare some products), it is impossible to see what tab contains what page.

Make the title unique for every page

Another issue is with the shop is that the title is not unique for each product. I have the same title when I am on product category Armbanden and on the detail view of the product that belongs to this category. This solution is almost the same as for the creating page title in news detail view (where the page title is not unique by default as well). Once you have understand how this technique work, you will be able to implement unique page title with any module, Gallery, Products, Blogs, CTLModuleMaker, just to name some of them.

Avoid dupliacte URLs using canonical tags

As I have made an audit of the website is Google I could discover two links that point to the same page:,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01category=blauw&cntnt01pagelimit=8&cntnt01productid=37&cntnt01page=2&cntnt01returnid=39

This can happen when you develop your site online and switch to SEO friendly URLs later. In this case you have a classical duplicate content. It is difficult to avoid double contents on the dynamic pages. When you change the URLs to SEO friendly, the old links will be still listed in search engines. Now, how can you help to identify the "primary" address of the page?

In the sample template of CMS Made Simple you will find this line in the head section:

{if isset($canonical)}<link rel="canonical" href="{$canonical}" />{elseif isset($content_obj)}<link rel="canonical" href="{$content_obj->GetURL()}" />{/if}

It creates a unique url and informs search engine where the "real" address of the page. If the page link is identical with canonical URL the search engine will index it. If it differs from the canonical, the search engine will look up the primary address and index it skipping duplicate URLs.

Meta description and keywords should be unique

The last recommendation: always make your meta description or keywords unique for every page or skip them. Often misunderstood these meta tags do not describe the entire website. They are intended to describe the content of each different page to help search engine to understand, what is the most important on it. Thus using the same meta description on each page you tell the search engine: "Hey, every page on my site has the same content." A bit akward?

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