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Some websites built with CMS Made Simple. If you would like your website to be featured on this section, please contact me through my feedback form. But be aware that I will critically analyze SEO, accessibility, usability, performance and any coding issues on your website. Sometimes I pull out websites that I have found out there to make remarks on them. If it is your website and you have corrected the remarked issues, contact me, so that I can state it on my review.

Nice design - bad accessibility


This is a nice website at first glance. I like this beautiful and professional design, clear structure and awesome images. However, there are critical issues with accessibility of the website. Test: Disable images First I have disabled images on the website and the top menu has gone. Hence the top menu is built...
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Beautiful shop with some SEO issues


A beautiful jewelry shop is a pure CMS Made Simple solution and have been created from Calguy's E-commerce suite of modules. Browse through the site to see how well every module has been integrated. There some SEO issues with this website, that can be corrected very simple. Getting title of the page closer to the...
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