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Add RSS Feed to your website

This addon creates automatically RSS Feed from different parts of your website. All you need is just install module CGFeedMaker and add some lines to the global settings resp. your content pages. You can subscribe to CMS Made Simple Tutorial Feed made with this module to see how it works and outputs its content.

Features of module RSS Feed Maker

  • Creates autodiscovery links for all feeds
  • Generates automatically RSS Feed link
  • Different feed categories
  • Ready-to-use feeds for modules: Blog Made Simple, News, Album, Cgblog, Forum Made Simple, Products

Before you install the module, go in the admin panel to the Extensions → Module Manager and select the letter "C" in the alphabetical navigation of the tab "Available Modules". Find "CGFeedMaker" in the list and click on link "Dependencies" to figure out what modules have to be installed first. The module is dependent on module CGExtensions. It means that the module listed in the section "Dependencies" has to be installed first. So go back to the Module Manager in the list of available modules list and select the letter "C" to find the module CGExtensions. Click on "Download & Install" to install CGExtensions. Then return to the list of available modules again and install the module CGFeedMaker as well.

After installation you will find the module settings in the admin panel in Extensions → Calguys Feed Maker. There are some example feeds already installed. You can test any of them in RSS reader by subscribing to[FEEDNAME]

Replace [FEEDNAME] with the name found in the column Feed Name / Alias. For example, to test the feed news you subscribe to and for your photo gallery you would suscribe to etc.

To make it easier to find the feed link for visitors, browsers and search engines, you add autodiscovery link to your page. In the admin panel go to "Global Settings" and add the line below in the field "Global Metadata":

{CGFeedMaker action='autodiscovery' feed='news,album'}

You see that you can control what feeds are generated by adding their names comma separated to the paramter feed. In the above example the feed is generated from news articles and photo gallery on your website. With the line added above the visitors of your website are automatically informed that there is a RSS Feed to subsribe. Additionally you can display RSS Feed button in your content as well:

Smarty tagOutput example
{CGFeedMaker action="rsslink" feed="news"} Create website with CMS Made SimpleCreate website with CMS Made Simple
{CGFeedMaker action="rsslink" feed="news" image="images/cms/xml_rss.gif"} Create website with CMS Made SimpleCreate website with CMS Made Simple
{CGFeedMaker action="rsslink" feed="news" text="Subscribe!"} Subscribe!Subscribe!
{CGFeedMaker action="rsslink" feed="news" imageonly="1"} Create website with CMS Made Simple

There are some other options you can find in the module help. If you make any changes in your feeds you should validate the output with Feed Validator. If your feed is valid you can publish it.

Feed Burner Statistic

If you would like to track your RSS Reader stats through FeedBurner, you have to register with FeedBurner, add the feed to it and then redirect your actual feed address to the address created by FeedBurner. Open .htaccess to redirect your channel and add:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner

Replace [FEEDNAME] with the name / alias of your feed (in our example it was "news"). Replace [YOURFEEDADDRESS] with the name given to your feed by FeedBurner and displayed to your at the end of the registration.

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