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Member registration for your website

This article explains how you can allow visitors of your website register themselves, so that you do not need to add users manually to your website in the admin panel of FrontEndUsers. There is another module that you need for this part called SelfRegistration.

Features of module Self Registration:

  • Double Opt-in Registration (sending a confirmation e-mail to the member who must then verify his e-mail address)
  • E-mail notification to the administrator when someone registers with the website
  • Fully integrated with membership management (module FrontEndUsers)
  • Spam protected with Captcha and limit of 250 not verified users.

Go to Extensions → Module Manager and select on the tab for available modules the letter "S", look for the module SelfRegistration and click on "Download & Install". The module is installed.

You know that you can create more than one member group for your website. If the visitors register themselves they cannot choose a group. Therefore we must provide the user group where the user will be automatically assigned to. You have already created a user group with FrontEndUsers module. Go to Users & Groups → Frontend User Management and click on the tab "Groups". Notice the name of the group you see in the list.

To add the registration form to your website, create a new content page called "Register" or something like this and add:

{cms_module module="SelfRegistration" group="Members"}

where the name of the group parameter matches exactly the name of the group from Frontend User Management you have noticed above. If your group has a different name, you have to replace it in the line above.

If you would like to have notification if someone registers with your website you have to go to Users & Groups → Self Registration Module and click on the tab "Preferences". Enter your e-mail address in the field "Registration emails should be sent to:" and save.

This module is not translated in the common way. It means that all e-mails to the visitors are sent in English, but you can translate or correct the messages yourself in the admin panel of the module. You will find the tabs:

  • Confirmation Email Template
  • User Info Changed Template
  • Final Message Template
  • Lost Email Template

where you can change the messages. You will notice that there are some placeholders in the texts. For example,{$name} or {$code}. These placeholder are automatically filled with the values at the time the e-mail is generated. Do not delete or change them! However you can move them within the text and replace the complete text around the placeholders. If something goes wrong and you loose some place holders, you can every time press "Set To Defaults" button below the text fields. In this case all your changes are reseted and you can start from the beginning.

Remove not verified users

There is a limitation of 250 users that applies to the users registered but not confirmed, so the users that are in the pending status. When the user is verified he is automatically pushed to the FrontEndUsers modules and deleted from the list of self registered users. You have regularly remove not verified users on the tab "Preferences" to keep your member registration module clean. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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