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What are modules and tags

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Modules and tags

Addons (or CMS Made Simple modules and tags) are used to enrich your website with additional functions. There are a lot of useful modules and tags that do not belong to the standard installation of CMS Made Simple just because of the number of them. When you create a website you know what features you need and thus can install only the modules you really require keeping you installation clean and clear.

Difference between modules and tags (plugins)

There are 2 kinds of addons for CMS Made Simple: modules and tags. Tags (or plugins) are small helpers. They usually provide a single function, do not have administration panel and are mainly used for small tasks, like adding a line with links to social bookmarks services or displaying YouTube videos on your website. Tags mostly consist of only one file that is copied to the plugins directory of the website.

Modules have much more complex functionality. They have administration panel and can be installed with Module Manager. The list of available modules grows continually. New tutorials and guides are added continually on this website as well.

How to add module

First you find the module you need and install it with Module Manager. After installation new module can be found on the list of modules in Extensions → Modules. To test the module create a new content page and add:

{cms_module module="ModuleName"}

in the content field where „ModuleName“ exactly corresponds to the value in the column “Name” (list of modules in Extensions → Modules).

What can you do with modules?

  • Automatically create a Google Sitemap
  • Add member login for your visitors and create protected pages
  • Simply create a captcha picture for all forms on your website
  • Create contact form
  • Make photo gallery or image album
  • Build a simple forum
  • Add shop basket on your website
  • Create any kind of catalogues (products, real estate or services)
  • Allow your visitors to add testimonials
  • Invite to your own newsletter with subscription form and easy to use newsletter publishing
  • Add a RSS feed to the website
  • and much more

On the next pages you can learn how individual modules can used on the website. The more modules you integrate the easier it will be to understand the main principle that is really very simple.

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