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Showtime. Flash or JQuery for everyone

If you are a bit tired of Light box effect and tons of galleries that are created with this famous effect or with one its numerous variations, you have to try the new module Showtime. Displaying a gallery as slide show in your page with this module will not overlay the page text. Read the text and see the gallery – that it the motto of this module.

Perfect usability

JQuery is nowdays a must for the WEB 2.0. The excellent news – you do not need to know anything about JQuery to integrate this awesome slideshow in your page. It has very sophisticated admin panel with various settings. Prepare to invest some time to go through all of them to define the look and feel of this module. Do not fear, the author has integrated preview feature right in the admin panel that means that you can control all your settings on the same page where you make them.

With this module you can create more than one slideshow and define different settings for each of them. I like especially the picture scaling allowing me not to adjust the images to the same size. Choosing "Fit but constrain Properties" will exactly paste the image in the slideshow without cutting edges.

Another good option is integrated flash upload of the files that allows you to upload more than one file at the same time. And, not to forget, the module is automatically integrated into TinyMCE, so that there is no need to copy and paste code in your content. I am sure that editors without any special knowledge will be able to use Showtime module after short introduction.

The module has no warnings if debug feature of CMS Made Simple is on, meaning that the code is very clean. Major and critical bugs are handled by the author at the moment within days. The module has a good documentation and support offered on the author's site in the dedicated section.

SEO Aspects

You can choose between Flash and JQuery slide show. Even if Flash looks awesome, be aware that is it is not search engine friendly. Thus, using Flash your images will not be indexed in Google Image Search. Unless you do not care about SEO or wish to save your images from indexing, use Flash, otherwise you are better served with JQuery version. The latter will automatically create alt and title attributes for the images tags.

Minor technical issues

At the moment the produced HTML is not valid due to the style tags implemented right into the body of the page. The module is not added to Translation Center of CMS Made Simple and thus is available only in English.

My verdict: sophisticated, SEO coded, extended usability. Recommended! digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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