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Additional plugins for the website

Contrary to the modules you can also use small helpers called tag. Tags do not have extended functionality such as modules but are very helpful for quick adding any customized output into templates or content pages. Some plugins are already installed with CMS Made Simple and are explained in the standard website plugins.

Additional plugins can be found on the official project list of CMS Made Simple. You can also use the search field at the top the page there to find modules and plugins for your custom needs.

Plugins are not installed through Module Manager since they have only one file. These files are called "function.NAME-OF-PLUGIN.php" and have to be uploaded with FileZilla to the plugins folder of your CMS Made Simple website. Once uploaded you can find the plugin in the list of tags in the admin panel. Select Extensions → Tags and look for the NAME-OF-PLUGIN you have just uploaded. Click on the plugin name to see extended help how to use it.

Social Bookmarking

This plugin outputs links to various social bookmars manangers such as,,,, and others. See the example at the bottom of the each page on this website. To install the plugin go to the project list of CMS Made Simple and search for Social Bookmarking. Select the tab "Files" in the tab list below the project name on the project page. You will find a list of released files. Click on the newest file at the top of the list to download the plugin.

Extract the downloaded file. You have 2 folders in it: images and plugins. First upload file function.SocialBookmarking.php to the plugins folder of your CMS Made Simple website. Then upload the folder images to the folder images (NOT uploads/images!!!)  of your website .

Use this plugin by adding the line below to the content of your pages at the place where the links have to be shown:


See the help for the tag to refine the output and exclude social bookmarking links you do not want to have.

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  1. Jessica January 23, 2010, 6:12 am

    Just noticed a typo:

    {SocialBookmarking} should be {socialBookmarking} note the lowercase "s"

    Otherwise you'll get an error in your code on the page. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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