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TouchInlineEdit - Editing im Frontend

When CMS Made Simple is compared to its competitors the one of "disadvantages" often pointed to is the strict separation between admin backend and front end. A lot of other CMS allow editing on the page and, indeed, it saves time. Especially, if your website grows and it becomes difficult to find the page for edit in the admin backend. There were some attempts to solve the usability issue at this point. But the most stable and promising solution is Inline Editor created by Touch Design.

This module allows you to edit your pages with WYSIWYG editor direct on page. No need to switch to admin view any more. The visitors of your website can edit the content as well if they are registered and have appropriate permissions. The module is quickly installed. Look for touchInlineEdit in the module list (Extensions » Module Manager) in your backend. To activate the feature on the website, add Smarty tag {cms_module module="touchInlineEdit"} as the first line in your template (Layout » Templates).

View your pages in front end. There is a small button "Edit" that is added above the content of the page. This button can be seen only by authorized editors of the page or front end users who are allowed to edit content. Click on it and you have the content of the page displayed in light WYSIWYG editor.

Inline Editor in CMS Made Simple

Minor issues

Unfortunately, the module does not offer TinyMCE as WYSIWYG editor. The latter is very well integrated in CMS Made Simple allowing you to manage permissions on "per button" level.

My verdict: Must for frontend editors without any special knowledge. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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