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Event Calendar

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Event Calendar

If you need calendar for your website to post events scheduled for your website, company or club, you can use the module Calendar.

Features of module Calendar

  • Create categories of events
  • Assign one event to multiple categories
  • Display month view or just list the events
  • Show upcoming events
  • Add custom fields to the events, like location or event leader
  • Attach files to the events for download

There is variety of templates for calendar or upcoming events. See live examples of how flexible the Calendar is.

Live examples of calendars made with CMS Made Simple

Event Calendar Example Event Calendar Example Event Calendar Example

To install the module in the admin panel select Extensions → Module Manager and choose on the tab "Available modules" the letter “C”. Find module Calendar and click on "Download & Install". The module is successfully installed and can be used now.

In the admin panel go to Content → Calendar and choose the tab Settings. You can define your language here so that month names and week days are displayed properly if your website is not in English. Switch to the tab Events and create your first event.

To display calendar create new content page in Content → Pages, name it Event calendar or something like this and put the line into the content field:

{cms_module module="Calendar" table_id="big"}

This will show a month view as table on the website.

Style and layout

Parameter table_id is used to style the calendar through CSS. There is also a sample style already installed with the module. To use the style open Layout → Templates in your admin panel, choose the template that is used on the page created above. On the top of the template click on blue CSS icon to show all stylesheets attached to the template. Choose “Calendar CSS example“ in the drop-down field below the list of stylesheets and press “Add a stylesheet”. Now the table is formatted properly. You can use this style to start your own formatting with pure CSS.

Search engine friendly URLs

In the examples above the URLs to the events are not search engine friendly. Though there is a simple way to achieve it. In admin panel go to Content → Calendar and click on the tab "Settings". Select in the drop-down field "Default page that contains Calendar" the page where your events are displayed. This way you get clean and search engine friendly URLs.

Comments to "Event Calendar"

  1. James June 23, 2010, 10:21 am

    Great module - thanks!

    Is there any way to add a parameter to create a list of the categories so that we can display these allowing the visitor to filter the events?

    Also, how would we be able to allow visitors to submit an event via a form?

    Thanks in advance,

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