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Protect forms with captcha

If visitors of your website can leave comments, register as member or use contact form, then you have to protect the forms with Captcha to avoid spam. Captchas are generated pictures that can be read by humans and not by spam bots. See an example for captcha picture:

This is a captcha-picture. It is used to prevent mass-access by robots. (see:

If you reload the page the picture will change. The visitor has to enter the characters displayed on the picture in the special field to verify that he is able to read it and thus supposed to be a human and not a spam program.

Module Captcha is used automatically by other modules providing any forms, e.g. Guestbook, FormBuilder or SelfRegistration. Whenever the forms are displayed on your website they are protected the same way.

To install the module go to the admin panel. Select Extension → Module Manager and choose the letter "C" in the list of available modules. Click on "Download & Install". The Captcha module is installed successfully.

In the admin panel choose Extensions → Catpcha. There are some options you can use to generate captcha image. Option (library) hn_captcha is used by default. To change the options of the image click on the link  "Options" beside the drop-down field.

To give your capture strong security, change values in the fields: chars, minsize, maxsize, rotation and secretposition. Add a secret string (something that one can not guess).

captcha settings

Depending on how many changes you have made the strengthens of the capture grows. Some programs can read captcha images generated with default values. But they fail if you place any individual values here. Modify minsize, maxsize and rotation just slightly so that the captcha is still readable for user.

Note that the changes are valid for all forms and modules in CMS Made Simple that uses Captcha module.

Comments to "Protect forms with captcha"

  1. Spiriralph August 17, 2009, 3:00 pm

    Dear Sir
    I need for every page somthing like your "Leave a Comment" and show this messages on that page where usere give a comment!
    is there posible in CMS MS ?
    thanks a lot for your web site it is very helpful
    best regards

  2. Sofia August 19, 2009, 3:35 pm

    Ralph, please find instructions just released in the section Addons. See module Comments. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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