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There are over 700 modules for CMS Made Simple. Some of them were created in the early years and have been integrated into the core installation. Another have been abandoned by their developers and wait for revivals. There are also modules that have been planned, but never released. It is not easy to get an overview about the numerous extensions. And it is not easy to keep pace with the development of the new modules. On this page some I feature some modules that are worth to look into depending on your needs.

TouchInlineEdit - Editing im Frontend


When CMS Made Simple is compared to its competitors the one of "disadvantages" often pointed to is the strict separation between admin backend and front end. A lot of other CMS allow editing on the page and, indeed, it saves time. Especially, if your website grows and it becomes difficult to find the page for edit in the admin backend. There were some attempts to solve the usability issue at...
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Showtime. Flash or JQuery for everyone


If you are a bit tired of Light box effect and tons of galleries that are created with this famous effect or with one its numerous variations, you have to try the new module Showtime . Displaying a gallery as slide show in your page with this module will not overlay the page text. Read the text and see...
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