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Plan your own website

Let's see how we can plan website. Yes, we start to plan first still not making anything "material". You have to spend time on this step because in fact you will save your time afterwards avoiding time-consuming rebuilding, recreating or reorganizing of your website.

You can take a piece of paper and write down the main parts of the websites and their purpose. But I personally do not like written notes. The best way I have found for me and recommend to my pupils is to use FreeMind. FreeMind is a free a mind-mapping tool assisting you during planning websites.

Write down the main idea of the website first, then add main parts (building your navigation structure) and proceed till your do not have any other ideas. Do not try to find any solution or the right tool to create your website at this time, do not ask: "How to realize this or that?" You have to hold everything you would like to see on the website without reference to technical details. Plan as if you had magic wand for creating websites.

As an example for the plan of website about your town, you can start with articles part (sightseeing), event calendar, and forum for website visitors. Then refine and add the titles of the articles you will write... See an example:

Website plan

It is possible that you have new ideas while planning your website - hold them! The advantage of this way to plan is that you are not restricted at all. You can keep all your ideas now, review it afterwards or add new sections again and again during the whole life of the website. Move them around to understand and build the main structure of your website.

If you use this tool to plan website you avoid also the pages which contains only one sentence: "Under construction". Good website has no pages that are not ready. And if there are any they should not be shown to the visitor since they do not make any sense. Imagine you see notice about personal style consultation in the window of a clothes shop. You go into the shop, but the clerk says: "Sorry! This service is still under construction." So what was the purpose of call attention to it? Some webmasters add such pages to the website to just "keep them in mind". You do need to keep it in mind this way if you write down the main structure of your website in the separate place.

Plan of the website will also helps choosing appropriate design for the website. The best web design fails, if your website plan does not suit into already designed navigation. In the example of website plan you can easy indicate the main navigation, sub-navigation and main content of the website. Usually you will not change the main structure of the website after completing this step. It is important to have rough plan and do not change it again and again.

Tip: ask your friends or family members what they would plan on the website and keep it as well. Consider different ages and interests for planning to enlarge the scope of visitors.

If everything is perfect, go through the main sections in your website plan and mark parts that can be done immediately, e.g. you can start with writing articles, adding pictures, and installing forum. Other parts should not be deleted from the plan but marked as postponed. Normally you have enough stuff at the beginning you can start with after the website plan is ready. Concentrate on these points and keep the postponed in mind. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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