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Basic knowledge to create website

How easy it is to make an own website and what knowledge do you need? Well, if you read to this page I assume that you go on with computer and Internet. This is a good start.

Basic computer knowledge is required. At least you have to be able to distinguish between files and directories and to install programs on your PC. Without these basics you will not succeed in building your own websites.

Internet knowledge is important as well. You have to be able to understand the terms listed below:

  • Browser
  • Domain
  • Hyperlink
  • Email
  • Search engine
  • Server
  • Web space

It does not make sense to proceed with this guide if you have difficulties with the list above. These are just simple basics. For example, you will not start to learn driving car without knowing what "traffic light" or "crossroad" or "parking space" is. So you will not to start to learn creating websites without knowing and understanding how Internet works.

Do I need HTML to build websites?

The most websites are built with HTML. And nowadays there are a lot of tools that assist you building websites without HTML knowledge. However, I strongly recommend you learning it if you have no idea. HTML is easy to understand. My pupils learn HTML basics in just 10 hours. You are not going to create websites with pure HTML from the blank page, but you will gain full control of your website if you understand the technology behind.

FTP and upload files

This is another important point to understand. After building your website you have to publish it on the web hosting uploading your files (most through FTP program). You have to learn the principle, spending about 30 minutes on the subject if you would like to create solid websites.

Web design

No. You do not need to learn web design to build an own website. Instead you can use free and ready templates. It's up to you if you would like to make website with individual design. Just consider that web design is only wrapping of your content. It is more important for visitors of the website and search engines to discover good content. The best design will not help if it is not filled with attractive substance.

Free website builder

Website builders promise to create website without any knowledge. It's true. You can quickly create website this way. But what is about quality of such website? You can use cake mix to cook, but it would never taste as good as self-made cake.

Website builder is good enough for making websites with up to 10 pages that you would not like to promote in search engines or make money with. If website builder solved the creation of qualitative website, nobody would use any other tools for building websites and forget learning HTML. The greatest disadvantage of website builder is that you have only little control over your website and are fully dependant on the built-in functions.

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