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Search content on the website

Searching on the website can be very helpful if you have a lot of content. There is rudimentary search function for CMS Made Simple that searches along with content pages and news articles. The visitor of your website can put in a word or two and a search result for matching pages is displayed.

Features of the Search Module

  • Search statistic with CSV export function
  • Customizable list of stop words (words excluded from search index)
  • Re-indexing of the entire content
  • Word stemming search (English only)

The search field is already a part of most templates. For every page of your website you can define if it has to be search-able or not. If it is not search-able, it will be excluded from the search results. While editing pages you have to choose Options tab and then check or deselect the box:

Searchable Pages

Create search page

Search results are displayed on the same page and thus fitted in the content of the page, so that the title of the actual page and all the detailed information are shown around. You can create a special page where the search results are displayed. In the admin panel create a new content page. Important! The page alias has to be “search”. You can hide the page from the navigation since it does not have any content.

Search with CMS Made Simple

In the Main tab hide "Extra Page Data" (title and other details about the page itself) and other parts of the layout that you would not like to see on the page with search results.

Search options

You can define the list of stop words in the admin panel (Extensions → Search → Options). These words are excluded from search index. There is also a pre-defined list of common stop words. You can add your custom words separated with comma at the end of the list or define your own list. Do not forget to press the button “Reindex All Content” after saving the list of stop words. It would create a new search index for your website.

If you website is in English you can use word stemming search. It means that the words in the search index are reduced to their stem, base or root form. For example, you have a content page where the word “steps” is found and indexed. The visitor of your website searches for “step”. Without activating the stemming feature nothing is found since literally “step” is not the same as “steps”. With stemming search all forms of the search word are considered, so “step”, “steps” and even “stepped”. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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