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Image Manager

Sure you would like to add images to your website. Whether they are placed in the content of pages or used in templates or gallery, they have to be uploaded to the web space first.

You should optimize your images before displaying them on the website. NEVER add images that are larger than 200KB. This restriction comes not from CMS Made Simple, you can upload and display even larger images into your CMS. It is something about your visitors who want your website to be quickly loaded. If you have large images, you website loads very slowly and a certain percentage of your visitors will close the browser before even have seen what you offer on the website.

The rule of thumb: an image should not be larger than 20 KB and all images on one page together should not account for more than 200KB. Therefore resize your images before using them on the website. There is an image editor built into CMS Made Simple that helps to resize, crop, rotate and flip your images.

You upload images in the admin panel of the CMS Made Simple (Content → Image Manager). There are 3 formats that can be displayed by browsers: JPG (or JPEG), GIF and PNG. No other formats can be used on the website so that browser will not display BMP, TIFF, PSD or other files.

To resize you can do 2 steps. Below each picture uploaded and displayed with Image Manager you will find an edit symbol. Click on it to open the image editor. First of all resize the physical size of the picture to the required width and height in pixel.

Resize Images

In the next step save the new version of the picture by clicking on save:

Image size

You can choose one of allowed format and even change the quality of JPEG images. The lower the quality the smaller is the image in KB. Choosing the quality of 85% would not have a visible quality loss. Try it out. You original image is not changed after saving instead a new version of image is created. You can any time delete it and start with the original picture again if you have made mistake.

For more advanced graphical work, you can use free graphical program GIMP.


Thumbnails (small version of the picture used for previewing) are automatically created by CMS with 96x96 pixel. On the web server with FileZilla you will find your image files and created thumbnails in the directory /uploads/images. If you have a lot of images you can upload them with FileZilla in this directory. But in this case the thumbnails are not created immediately. After upload with FileZilla you have to go to Content → Image Manager. Image Manager will discover the newly uploaded files and then create missing thumbnails.

Thumbnails’ file names are prefixed with thumb_. For example, for the image file with name flower.jpg automatically generated thumbnail would be thumb_flower.jpg in the same folder where the original image was uploaded.

Using images in template

With Gala Purity Template you have a possibility to display a specific image in the header to the right of the logo. First of all you have to upload the images with Image Manager (do not upload them into any sub-folder!). When ready proceed to the Content → Pages and choose a page for edit where special image has to be displayed in the header.

Change to the Option tab, scroll down to the field Image and select the image from the drop-down field.

Page image

If you can not see the image in the drop-down field then it is not uploaded into the right folder. Page images have to be found in in Content → Image Manager or /uploads/images (no sub-folder!) on the web server. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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