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Global content blocks

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Global content blocks

Beside the ordinary page content you can also use a global content blocks in CMS Made Simple. Global content is very useful feature for repeated parts of your content. Imagine you add Google ads in your pages. You know that you have to add Google code in each page again and again. What happens, if you do not like to have ads or want to replace them with other advertiser? Without global content you have to edit every single page and remove or replace the code. Using global content blocks you edit it at one place and then just add placeholders in your content.

Global blocks of content can be also built in templates. Have you seen copyright notice at the bottom of your website? Would you like to customize it? Go to Content → Global Content Blocks. There is a global content block called ‘footer’. Click on it to see what it contains. Now you can edit the line according to your need by adding your copyright or any information you need.

TIP: You can also use tags and modules in the global content.

The changes made to footer content block are automatically made on every page of your website.

Add new global content block

Click on “Add Global Content Block”. Type in the name of the block, turn off the WYSIWYG editor on the bottom of the editor and add Google ad code:

Global Content Block

Press “Submit”. The list of available global content blocks is displayed. See in the column “Tag to Use this Block“ how you can add place holder for this block in your page.

{global_content name='Ad in Content' }

Now while editing pages you can add the tag above into the content of page and its content is displayed to the visitors.

Global Content Block

If you would like to see another ad here, just replace the code in your global content block and it is automatically replaced in every page that uses this tag. Delete the whole content and nothing is displayed at the page.

It’s time-saving and intelligent to work with global content if you need repeated content that you edit in one place. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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