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Add news on the website

If you would like to add news articles on the website ask yourself if you have enough news at least once a month? Nothing is so sad as to see website news published a year or more ago. Do not spend your time on implementing news if you do not know right now where you will get the news articles or who will add them to your website.

Features of News Module

  • Add, edit and delete news articles
  • Optional news summary field
  • News article content with WYSIWYG-Editor
  • Status: published or draft
  • Using start and expiration date
  • Add, edit and create hierarchical news categories
  • Adding custom fields (including files and images)
  • Archive of news articles
  • Allow visitors to submit news articles on website

Adding news articles

With standard setup the first news article is already added. You can see it in the templates where news are displayed. In Gala Purity template it added to each layout as well and it is limited to 3 newest articles displayed at once. If there are more not expired articles the page numbers to browse through the news is automatically added before the first news item.

To add new articles or edit the existing one go to Content → News in the admin panel of your website. You see the list of news articles already added. Create at least 4 news articles with published status and no expiration date and see on your website the page numbers added.

If you click on the news article title the whole text is displayed. The article text is however fitted in the actual page. There is still a title of the page and other page details that do not belong to the news. It would be better always to display news in the one specific page so that you can have full control about the appearance of this page.

Create news page

Create a new page in the admin panel (Content → Pages → Add New Content). You can choose Gala Purity template for the page you like. Important: the page alias has to be set to "news". You can control the alias of the page in the tab "Option" while creating a new page.

News Page

You can also hide the page from the navigation if it is only used to display details of one news article. Hide "Extra Page Data" (title and other details about the page itself) and other parts of the website which you do not like to display. Save the page with no content in it, open your website and click on news title again. The special news page is now used to display news article. Thus you have full control about the layout of your news.

News archive

It is possible that you would like to display news archive - the list of all your articles on one page. Create a new content page with the title and menu text "News Archive" and add the news calling tag into the content field of the page:


Save the page and control the output of news list on the newly created page (it depends on your design how the colors look like).

Website News

You see the summary view for news articles. If you click on the news title the whole news text is displayed in detailed view. If you do not fill out summary field then there is no link “More” at the bottom of the news item.

You can limit the number of displayed articles per page:

{news number="3"}

In this case only 3 articles are shown in the summary view and page numbers are added at the top of the news to enable browsing through the pages. To display 3 published and not expired articles from only one category, you should add:

{news number="3" category="General"}

It will output only articles from the category with the name “General”. The articles are however displayed in the same page, if you would like to display them in the special news page created in the last step you should add parameter detailpage to it:

{news number="3" detailpage="news"}

You can combine as much parameters as you want refining the output of the news archive. There are some more parameters that you may find useful:

  • browsecat="1" - Shows a browse-able category list.
  • showall="1" - Show all articles, irrespective of end date
  • showarchive="0" - Show only expired news articles.
  • sortasc="true" - Sort news items in ascending date order rather than descending.
  • sortby="news_title" - Field to sort by. Options are: "news_date", "summary", "news_data", "news_category", "news_title", "news_extra", "end_time", "start_time", "random". Defaults to "news_date". If "random" is specified, the sortasc parameter is ignored.
  • moretext="more..." - Text to display at the end of a news item if it goes over the summary length. Defaults to "more..."
  • start="0" - Start at the nth item - leaving empty will start at the first item.

HelpYou will find built-in help link in the right top corner of the admin panel of the module.

Do I need news articles on the website?

It would definitely help to promote your website. Search engines do not like static websites that are never changed. The more pages you regular add to the website, the more often search engine robot will visit your website to take new pages. You can add new content pages to the website or news articles to show that your website is alive.

And, not less important, the visitors of your website will probably return to your website again and again if they find actual information on it. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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