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How to upload website files

With upload of website files you simply transfer all the required files to run CMS Made Simple to your hosting.

Get the files you need to upload. Go to In the top menu on the website select Downloads → File Releases. In the list of files you will find the newest release of CMS Made Simple on the top. You need the  file named cmsmadesimple-X.X.X-full.tar.gz where X.X.X is the number of release. For example for release 1.5.4 you will have to download the file cmsmadesimple-1.5.3-full.tar.gz.

There are two different packages for CMS Made Simple: full and base. There is no difference in functionality but in used languages. BASE includes only English, FULL includes all translations by default. So when you only need English, you can take BASE. It is a little bit smaller than full version.

Save the file on your local disk. Unpack it with WinRAR or any other file archiver that can handle tar.gz  files. With WinRAR you can use the right mouse click:

Extract CMS Made Simple

Open created folder cmsmadesimple-X.X.X-full or cmsmadesimple-X.X.X-base and create a new empty file config.php at the same level as index.php. Now you have to transfer the files to the hosting with FTP Browser, for example free FileZilla.

Work with FileZilla

You have to upload all files from the new folder with exact the same folder structure to the root or to a sub-directory on the hosting where you want to setup CMS Made Simple. Your root directory can be public_html (or wwwroot or htdocs, please ask your provider if you are not sure where to upload the files). Locating the files in the root directory will make your site available to users as If you create a sub-directory below the root directory (eg. public_html/somename) your web site will only be available in the sub-directory as I recommend uploading files to root directory unless you have already installed other applications there.

Open FileZilla and select File → Site Manager in the main menu.

Connect with File Zilla

  1. Press the button "New Site"
  2. Type in on the left side the hosting you would like to connect to
  3. On the right side first type in the FTP host from the checklist
  4. Change Logontype to "Normal" and type in FTP username and password
  5. Press "Connect".

After the connection has been established you can upload the files to the web hosting. On the left side you can see and browse your local directories. On the right side you see the remote directories and files. All files from the directory cmsmadesimple-X.X.X-full has to be uploaded to the root directory of your web hosting. Select the files at the left side, right click on the selection and press "Upload".

Upload with FileZilla

Wait until upload is finished.

On some web servers you have to change permissions of the uploaded directories. In FileZilla right click on the directory uploaded and select "File Permissions..." In the dialog "Change file attributes" type in the numeric value "777". You have to make the changes for all directories listed below:

  • tmp
  • tmp/templates_c
  • tmp/cache
  • uploads
  • uploads/images
  • modules

Now, you should see the installation screen for CMS Made Simple in browser if you type in the address bar. If not, then you have uploaded the files into the false directory. Ask your provider where the files should be located.

Comments to "How to upload website files"

  1. Kiki December 20, 2009, 5:34 pm

    Excellent post, I am using SmartFTP Client to upload files on my website.

  2. Steven November 28, 2010, 8:12 pm


    I have been trying to create my site for about a month. I used the excelent php framework CodeIgniter, then tried OpenCart and some other.

    Yesterday I found CMSMS and was blown away. It is realy a pleasure to work with. I half ported a css template from freecsstemplates but got stuck with jquery inclusion and the tags.

    So then I found you web site and downloaded watchthis. But I wanted to know more, so I bought your book today.

    Thank you for sharing your knowlage. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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