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The Beginner's Tutorial
How To Create Own Website with CMS Made Simple

Setup CMS Made Simple step by step

The files have been uploaded to the hosting. Type your domain name in the address bar of the browser to start installation and follow the installation steps.

Step 1

Choose the installation language. If you only see English, then you have uploaded base version of CMS Made Simple and not full. The base installation includes only English, full version includes all translations. Press "Submit".

Step 2

You can validate the integrity of uploaded files. If there were no issues while uploading files, ignore the step and press "Continue".

Step 3

The installation program tests your hosting settings. Go through the column "Result" in "Required settings". There should not be any failures or warnings. In the section "Recommended settings" some warnings are OK. You most probably would not encounter any problems with installation and running of your website. However if you can follow the recommendations given to the warnings please do it. Press "Continue".

The most common failure is:

File not writable! (/xxxx/htdocs/config.php)

It means that the file config.php either does not exist in the root directory or there are no writing permissions for it. If the file already exists, open FileZilla and right click on it, choose "File permissions..." and type in "777" into the field Numeric value, then press OK. Back in browser click on "Try again", the failure should disappear and you can "Continue".

Step 4

In this step will be tested if CMS Made Simple can create files on your hosting. You can press "Test" or just ignore the step and press "Continue".

Step 5

Pay attention to this step. You are going to create an administrator account for your website. With this data you gain access to the administration panel of the website after it has been setup. Therefore be careful when creating user name. Do not use "admin" or "test". Try to make it more difficult for someone who probably will try to guess access data for the administration panel. Also pay attention to secure password. Write the both information on your checklist or note it. Provide valid email for the administrator account. If you forget your password it well be sent to this email address.

You can check the box for E-Mail Account Information. The CMS Made Simple will try to send a message to this E-Mail. If you will not receive the welcome mail, it can indicate that you have to reconfigure mail settings in your installation later on. Sometimes the message is "eaten" by spam filter, so check your spam folder as well.

Press "Continue".

Step 6

You can type the name of your new website. This information can be changed any time after installation.

For the database information use the access data from the checklist:

CMS Made Simple Database Settings

  1. Replace database host address with your data.
  2. Replace database name with your data.
  3. Enter database user name.
  4. Enter database password and optionally database port (if any).
  5. Uncheck install sample content and templates box. We do not need sample content, it can be found on the demo installation or previewing templates on this website. The default theme is hard to understand for beginners, so I would prefer not install it. You can if you would like to see it.

Press "Continue". The database tables have been created, if you see "Success!" at the end of this page. Press "Continue" again.

Step 7

You're done! Congratulations. You can access your website by typing the domain name in the address bar of the browser, e.g Admin panel is placed in Go to the admin panel now. Normally you are already logged into it. If not, use the data you have typed in step 5.


In the admin panel you will find 2 unhandled notifications below the admin menu. Press "+" beside the notifications. First of all delete the folder install with FileZilla. It is a strong security requirement. The next notification deals with the E-Mail settings and will be handled in the section later on. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide