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Prepare to setup CMS Made Simple

Register website domain and get web hosting.

Website domain

You are going to setup a website on your own website address. It is important to have own website domain. Using a free domain is invitingly, but is not very clever. Free domains do not look professional, do not give credit to your website and are extremely difficult to promote with search engines. You can register free domain to practise with first free installation. But do no rely on free web hosting and free domain if you would like to create qualitative and professional website.

To start with setup of CMS Made Simple your domain should be registered and connected. Test it now. Open your browser and give the website domain name in the address bar. OK? If not, your domain provider will help you to solve any issues.

Web Hosting

Unlike any hosted free website builder, you are not bound to any special web hosting with CMS Made Simple. It means, that you can any time move with your website to another hosting provider and nobody can forbid you to do with your website what you want.

You will not need any special web hosting to setup CMS Made Simple as well. The hosting has to meet only few requirements. If you do not have web hosting so far, I recommend using one of paid plans on SecureSignup.Net. It suits all recommendations for CMS Made Simple, is tested with a lot of additional features and has an affordable hosting plan for just $2,99 monthly. To test CMS Made Simple for free without any obligation you can setup your website on free hosting. But please be aware of disadvantages of free web hosting.

Of course you can setup your website with CMS Made Simple on every other hosting that suits the requirements listed below:

  • Operating System: Linux OR Windows OR Mac OS X
  • Webserver: Apache OR IIS
  • PHP: 4.3.3+
  • 1 Database: MySQL OR PostgreSQL
  • at least 20 MB of disk storage

If doubt, ask in CMS Made Simple forum for recommendations.


You can use any browser to administrate CMS Made Simple with exclusion of Internet Explorer 6. This browser is pretty old. It has been released on August, 2001 and does not meet the requirements of modern Internet. Nevertheless visitors with IE6 will not have any difficulties with your website. This restrictions is valid ONLY for administrator of the website, that is for you as webmaster.


You have to create database before you proceed with the installation. It depends on your hosting how the new database can be created. Normally you will find relevant part in the admin panel of your web hosting. Ask you provider for help, if you have difficulties. Note the name of the created database and the database access data (database host address, user and password).

Why do you need database? CMS Made Simple stores your entire website in database. In this way it is possible to build dynamically websites. The layout (design) of the website is stored separately from the content. So you can easy change the design without damaging the website content. And do not care about layout while editing content.

Checklist (access information)

Before start to setup a website please fill this checklist. The information requested below can be provided from your hosting support. Fill in all the required access data now. You will need it for setup and configuration process.

My domain
FTP host:
FTP username:
FTP password:
Database host address:
Database port (optional):
Database name:
Database username:
Database password:

You can print this above checklist as PDF. Your provider can help you to fill the checklist as well, if you are not sure what is your access data. If you are not experienced in setting up websites you better print out the PDF, fill it with required information and keep it handy beside your PC while completing next steps.

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  1. jaho May 21, 2010, 7:08 am

    Great website and it's helping a lot as I set up my own site.

    Just a thought: I think it may be worth adding in the 'database' section that if you chose your own username and password when creating the database that they can be very simple, but for security reasons it may be a good idea not to use any of your 'real' passwords. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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