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How To Create Own Website with CMS Made Simple

Understanding Templates

CMS Made Simple uses various templates to display the content of your website. To understand templates, think of them as of the pre-defined layouts. Every time you create a new page you choose template to define how this page has to look like.

You can easily imagine a template as a wrapping for your content. The wrapping (layout) is always the same, the content is individual and changes from page to page

Design and Content

As editor you just add content to the page and choose a template. CMS Made Simple will automatically display your content for the visitors within chosen layout.

If you did not install any sample content for your website, then only one template is available. However you can quick and easy add ready templates to the website. In the next steps we are going to import Gala Purity Theme v1.2 into the website. This theme contains 6 different templates.

First of all store Gala Purity Theme v1.2 on your local disk. Unzip it (update instructions are included in README). You will find galapurity.xml file in it. This file contains all images, styles and layouts. To use the theme on your website, go to admin panel and choose Layout → Theme Manager. Click on "Import" tab and choose galapurity.xml file saved on your local disk from the file browse field. Press "Import".

6 new layouts are added to your installation. Now you have to activate them before using. In admin panel choose Layout → Templates. You will see all the templates installed on your website.

Activate Templates

  1. Check all boxes on the right side of : Gala Purity templates.
  2. Select "Active" in the drop-down field below the list.
  3. Press "Submit". All red crosses in the column "Active" should be changed to green tick.
  4. With the last step click on "Set all Pages" link in the line with the first Gala Purity template (2 columns, content right). Please confirm the message: "Are you sure you want to set all pages to use this template?" CMS Made Simple modifies all pages by changing the layout.

See the new layout on your website.

Design and Layout

To change the layout of a page, in the admin panel go to Content → Pages and click on the first page (Home) to edit it. Select the tab "Options" and choose in the field "Template" another template. Scroll down and press "Apply". See the changes on your website.

When you create a new page, the default template is automatically assigned to it. You can change the standard template for new pages in Layout → Templates. Click on the red cross in the column "Default" beside the template name you would like to define as standard (see the picture above).

You can also deactivate templates that you are not going to use on the website. Only active templates can be assigned to the pages. Deactivate the template "NCleanBlue" by clicking on the green tick in the column "Active" (see the picture above). The template is not deleted, it just can not be chosen by editor of the page any more.

Comments to "Understanding Templates"

  1. Mooshie November 7, 2009, 6:02 am

    Hi there,

    Your template looks really great!

    Does it come with instructions on how to change the content of the columns?

    For example, where would I change how many news items appear in the column?

    How will I change the Search to my own Google search?

    How will I add things to the Sidebars, like Google Adsense?

    How will I add the Digg, Facebook, Twitter icons to the template?

    Once I know this I'll happily start creating my website.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. antischaap September 15, 2010, 11:41 pm

    to mooshie

    read a book :) digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

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