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The Beginner's Tutorial
How To Create Own Website with CMS Made Simple

Beginning with CMS Made Simple

Why to choose CMS Made Simple to create websites? There are 4 reasons for it:

  • It's free for personal and commercial use
  • It's easy to learn and understand
  • It's flexible in design and has a lot of additional features
  • It's popular and has a large international help community

CMS Made Simple is a content management system that is focused on creating small and middle websites (up to 1000 pages). It can be used for creating personal web pages, corporate websites, websites mostly consisting of text or promoting a team, club, organization etc.

CMS Made Simple allows you to manage the content of the website (add and edit pages), control the whole layout (design) of the website and easy add and configure additional features, such as writing and publishing news articles, providing search functionality for the website or adding contact form.

Adding and editing pages in CMS Made Simple is realized with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It means that no HTML knowledge is needed for writing and formatting content. WYSIWYG editor displays the content during editing the same way is will be displayed on the website. The editor has a tool bar which is similar to the tool bars of the popular text editing software like MS Word or OpenOffice Writer.

CMS Made Simple is installed with just few standard features for not to overkill the website with a lot of functionality you do not need and not to confuse the webmaster from the very beginning. However, there are a lot of additional modules. Just to name some of them: simple forum, shop, photo gallery, glossary, or event calendar. You can allow your visitor to log into the website or leave comments to the article. You can create directories of companies, products or websites.

CMS Made Simple is easy to understand. Try out the demo installation if you never heard of the tool before. You will not need any lessons or tutorials to create or edit your first pages.

Another advantage of CMS Made Simple is that any layout without any restrictions can be implemented into it. The themes or templates can be quickly imported into your website without any special knowledge. Moreover, with some HTML knowledge you can create and built-in any individual design into your website.

Where do I get help with CMS Made Simple?

If you need any help there are numerous possibilities to get it for free. First of all, you will find built-in help in your installation that includes basic examples. Secondly, there is a help section on the official website continuously extended by users and developers provided in different languages. Thirdly, discover large public support forum where you can search for solutions or ask about your issues. Fourthly, follow the instructions of how to create websites with CMS Made Simple on this website. And the last but not the least, use Google or other search engines to find more help resources.

How quick can I create websites with CMS Made Simple?

It depends on your background and on complexity of the website you have planned. If you already have website domain and web hosting the installation of CMS Made Simple will take about 15 minutes. After the installation you can import the desired theme or layout (5 minutes) if you do not like the standard one. Then start to write the content of the website - this last part can last your whole life.

Generally, you do not create a complete website and leave it. You work on it from time to time, extend it, optimize and promote. So with CMS Made Simple you can quickly start to build the web page. However,  building of good quality website is never finished. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide