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CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide

CMS Made Simple Beginners GuideThis book has been written for webmasters with some HTML and CSS knowledge looking for a structured and easy introduction in building websites with CMS. This book can be a first step into CMS world, not only with CMS Made Simple. If you have understand what CMS is and how CMS works you can easily switch to other application of your choice.

This book gives you an introduction into building websites with CMS. It explains what CMS is, how it works, how it separates design and content. How webmaster can build a unique template for the website and integrate it in CMS. It explains how extended modules help you to build your first e-commerce solution or create a professional photo gallery.

Is the version 1.6 outdated?

The actual version of CMS Made Simple is 1.9. Surely there were some changes in the versions released after the book has been published. However, you can use this book for learning version 1.9. There are only slight changes in the scope of this book. If you have any difficulties to go through examples you can use CMS Made Simple forum or write me, so that I can post some corrections here. digg stumbleupon buzzup BlinkList mixx myspace linkedin facebook google yahoo

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide