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My name is Sofia Hauschildt and I’am a tutor for web mastering and web development, consultant and programmer. 2000 I had graduated in Computer Science and actually by chance started to instruct programmers. Some years later I was employed as ERP consultant and data warehouse programmer, but my heart had still belonged to tutoring.

Today I write guides, create tutorials, work as tutor for XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and AJAX and give reviews on web projects. I see my part in being a bridge between techniques and human beings who have to take control over the techniques and not vice versa – that is my daily object.

With I share my personal experience and show simple and powerful way of creating websites for ambitious beginners. Building websites is an amazing chance to communicate with the whole world and to discover it as well. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Please do NOT use feedback form if you need free support!

The CMS Made Simple community is always at your service if you need help with your site of free support. Start with CMSMS Documentation Wiki, this documentation is a community effort where anyone registered in the support forum can edit and create new pages. Use CMSMS Support Forums to search for answers to your questions. Please understand that I cannot give free individual support to everybody and thus your message will be unanswered.

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide