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The Beginner's Tutorial
How To Create Own Website with CMS Made Simple

How to create CMS Website

Teaching creating websites for years I decided to gather my partly unstructured notes on this website.
You are right here if you are looking for If you are interested in structured approach of learning CMS Made Simple you can be interested in my book CMS Made Simple 1.6: Beginner's Guide.

I have noticed that beginners start to build their websites without any website plan or do not have exact website idea before they start to setup website. Did you try it also? If so, you have surely figured out that this way is not a successful one. There are some simple things to be considered before starting to make website that beginners are not aware of. And there are only few good guides showing you all the important steps you need from the very beginning till excellent finished homepage.

Making website step-by-step with starting with website plan you will save you a lot of time afterwards. Why is it so? If you have a good plan, use a good guide and know what is important before you start you will not waste your time correcting, making redesign or even completely rebuild your website later.

If you prefer "learning by doing" you learn a lot - sure. But this way your first websites can happen to be lifeless immediately after publishing. Without knowing simple rules that you have to follow from the very beginning you will create or rebuild your website again and again without any success.

Whether you would like to create a photo gallery, e-commerce website or community, you should exactly know your requirements and what website tool can solve all your needs.

Reading all above you should not think that there are powerful secrets for creating websites on this page. All these information can be surely found on the web and if you invest enough time you will find them and figure out what tips are really valuable and still actual. Learning this way you have also to understand the right order of the necessary steps yourself. The right order is very important. Just imagine you would like to bake a cookie. You will not start with making dough before you have all the ingredients for it. And you will not heat the oven if you have no idea how to make the dough.

During my work I can see how important steps are omitted by the beginners again and again and that's why I decided to create this website to show simple way to build own homepage in well-structured way.

You can create new website with this guide, starting with good website idea and website plan. But even if you have already setup a website it would be also helpful to go through the steps to see if you miss something. Sometimes only small changes can boost the number of visitors of your website and the last fact is the only point of creating websites. Please tell me another purpose if you know one.

Personal or commercial website, you would like people to know about your website to serve them with information, products or services. Whether you goal is idealistic or making money with your website you would like to start as soon as possible with good feeling making all in the right way and order. Let's us see from the very beginning what the successful website needs. Start with ideas for website.

CMS Made Simple Beginner's Guide